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Oriboard Cutting Board Review – Origami Multifunctional Meal Prep Aid?

The Oriboard Cutting Board is a revolutionary cutting board that can bend and cup food as consumers wash and serve it, offering way more functions than most products offer. The product is part of a Kickstarter campaign at the moment to gain funds for this distribution and continued production.
What Is The Oriboard Cutting Board?

When someone wants to prepare a meal in the kitchen, there are certain elements that they need to get the job done. Everyone has different knife styles and brands they like to use, but the cutting board and other accessories play a significant role as well.

If someone is preparing the vegetables for a stew or a salad, they need to pull out a cutting board, a colander, and an assortment of other tools to get the shape and cleanliness they want.

Oriboard Cutting Board performs all those functions into one. Specifically, the board acts as a:

Bottle cap remover
Cutting board

The bendable texture allows consumers to pour the prepared food straight from the board to the dish without spilling. With the colander-like holes throughout it, consumers can also wash their food directly on the board, either before or after cutting it up.

Rather than wasting both money and cupboard space with many different accessories for food preparation, the Oriboard Cutting Board can help.
How It Works

The reason the Oriboard Cutting Board is so helpful to consumers is due to its impressive variety of uses, which is only possible with the texture of the material. While the website does not go into detail about the material they use, it is pliable enough to perform many different functions in the preparation of each meal.

No other cutting board has the versatility that the Oriboard does, for the simple fact that other companies have not found a material that resists the slicing action of knives without sustaining damage.

With the funding from their Kickstarter page, the company will be able to produce the material in larger quantities, giving consumers the most flexible product in their kitchen.
Maintaining the Oriboard Cutting Board

As with any new kitchen item, it is important to take care of the Oriboard properly to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. The material is made to be dishwasher safe, though bigger particles should be washed off by hand first.

This design fits perfectly in any dishwasher, though the website indicates that the prototype is slightly smaller than the product they plan to release.
Pricing for the Oriboard Cutting Board

Right now, the Oriboard is not yet ready for purchase. Instead, the product is available as part of a Kickstarter campaign. Luckily, if the consumer wants to get exclusive pricing, they have the chance to make a pledge to the website to get a discount on the product before it comes out. Choose from the following pledge amounts for specific rewards:

€22 and up, for an Oriboard and a thank-you card
€32 and up, for an Oriboard, a ceramic knife, and a thank-you card
€38 and up, for two Oriboards and a thank-you card
€59 and up, for three Oriboards and a thank-you card
€192 and up, for 10 Oriboards and a thank-you card

Some of the rewards have already been fulfilled, since each pledge is good for a specific number of backers.

Once the Oriboard is made available to consumers, the total cost of one will be €32, upon their release in March 2018. The product will only be distributed after accumulating enough funding for the mass production of them.
Contacting the Creators of the Oriboard

Right now, the main way to get ahold of a representative about the Oriboard is to ask a question publicly on the Kickstarter website. However, the creators of the device have also made a Facebook page, so consumers can send a message through that service as well.
Oriboard Cutting Board Review Summary

The Oriboard Cutting Board is for anyone that wants to make their meals in the kitchen with greater ease and less cleanup after. Everyone wants less cleanup later and to eat their meal as soon as possible, which is what this board helps to achieve. With funding for the project, consumers can try the board in assorted colors, suiting the color scheme of their kitchen.

If you want kitchen accessories that do more, then the Oriboard can help.

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